It's been a year

It's been one year since we shot the images for the new EPICA record 'The Quantum Enigma'. Looking back to that session, both the process and products still make me so proud.

The images we shot on that cold day in January still take my breath away. They're still some of my most appreciated pictures. Of course, people remind me that these pictures are so popular, of course, because of their models.
EPICA has grown bigger and with this album they're selling out every venue across Europe. Does it have anything to do with the imagery? Well, I could hope so, haha :)

I remember spending weeks planning the shoot, the fun we had shooting, the wonderful hangs in between shots and after the session and the hours of post production. Looking back to it, I still realise it was all worth it.

Of course, getting a popular band in front of your lense, is one key to gaining more exposure with your work, I admit it. But still, I don't want to start from that point. I'd much rather start from a photographic view, regardless the artist I'm shooting.
The picture should reflect the best I can do at that very moment. Focussing on who's there in front of you is important, but not the only thing about it.

BTS pictures by Matthias Engels.


EPICA © Tim Tronckoe 2014 photo IMG_0477_zpsklst5ovx-1.jpg

 photo IMG_8338_zpsbdvhtxyx.jpg

EPICA © Tim Tronckoe 2014 photo IMG_0332_zps2fyrl3ye-1.jpg

EPICA © Tim Tronckoe 2014 photo IMG_8319_zpsqo2q9fl7-1.jpg

EPICA © Tim Tronckoe 2014 photo IMG_8274_zpsurnpiu3x-1.jpg

EPICA © Tim Tronckoe 2014 photo IMG_0135c_zpsa5qaheiu-1.jpg

EPICA © Tim Tronckoe 2014 photo IMG_8206_zpslx6rr9nb-1.jpg